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You may have come across an error message saying Windows Event ID is 9548. Coincidentally, there are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue, which we’ll get back to shortly.

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    windows event id 9548

    No doubt many of you are familiar with the MSExchangeIS 9548 event, which occurs frequently in Exchange 2000 and 2003 computer application data, which indicates that your data store has encountered a compromised user who received this treatment. There are many KB articles related to this event, such as 291151, 326990, Color=”#0000ff”>278966, 328880, 316047 and possibly more. There has also been support in an incredible number of cases where this design was at least a factor. Just about every Exchange Server 2001 or 2003 application log you’ve ever seen is probably littered with 9548 demos, to the point where it leads to an annoying event. For more information about this event and the nature of the related information, I recommend reading this article: http://www.msexchange.org/articles/NoMAS-Tool.html.

    A CDCR (Cutting Change Request) was accepted last year to address the issue without running any tools or scripts, and/or the first version of this improvement was released last week. C Knowledge base article: 903158.

    First, the problem was that during the development of Exchange 2000, it was decided who should disable each user account with a new mailbox so that my msExchMasterAccountSid attribute would register the SID associated with the mailbox. Common sense worked like this:

    1 like. If the user’s means associated with the mailbox is compromised and has msExchMasterAccountSid AND msExchMasterAccountSid may not be a known SELF sid, then msExchMasterAccountSid is the actual SID associated with the mailbox.

    2. If the user account is enabled or the IT department is disabled and msExchMasterAccountSid is sure to match a known SELF-SID, use objectSid.

    3. If the user account is disabled and doesn’t have a msExchMasterAccountSid OR if we can’t determine if the user is enabled or disabled, you must use access control on the Rider object, otherwise we won’t be able to find the objectSid due to accessing the handle fails the operation and logs human event 9548.

    In the 3th case, the vast majority of the 9548 targets were from the first part – whyAll 9548 events are undoubtedly related to disabled user accounts, which specifically lack msExchMasterAccountSid. Completely new logic works as follows:

    1. If the user associated with the mailbox is severely disabled and has a msExchMasterAccountSid AND msExchMasterAccountSid that cannot be described as a well-known SELF, then msExchMasterAccountSid is the SID normally associated with the mailbox. (NOTE: no changes here)

    2. If the user account is authorized or disabled and msExchMasterAccountSid is additionally set to all known SELF-SIDs OR if the player is disabled and does not encounter msExchMasterAccountSid, use objectSid. (Great adaptation here)

    3. If we cannot determine if this user account is enabled or otherwise enabled due to access control on your custom object, or if we cannot read the objectSid due to usage control, the Fire Wood operation will fail at event 9548.

    So now you’re getting all 9548 events just because of some incredible problem with the mailbox logged into the user account.

    Event ID 9548 And System Performance

    Have you ever disabled one Windows account when an employee left your company only to find out the next event ID and log in to Exchange 200x?

    Windows accounts created by a specific ADC can also be disabled.

    Well, if you’re like our family, you just thought the whole thing was a nuisance. Coincidentally, there is more to this error than meets the eye. Let’s first see why this error is being logged. We’ll then explain why this error might cause problems that you may not want to see in this section.

    Event 9548 is a recent indicator, but it tells the person what the problem is – our own account listed in the event words does not have a primary service SID. What does this mean? Well, the method used to grant read/write access to the Exchange 200x store information depends on whether the Windows account is enabled or disabled.

    * Disabled Windows accounts are actuallypermissions calculated using the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute. Enabled

    windows event id 9548

    *Windows account permissions were calculated using objectSID or sometimes sidHistory attributes.

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  • If the msExchMasterAccountSID element is not set for a disabled Windows benefit, event ID 9548 may remain in the log under certain conditions. The registration of this event ID can be easily fixed by granting the ELF account rights to the associated external account on the mailbox. This is very well documented in MSKB 278966.

    Ensuring that event ID 9548 is not logged in the application event log for cosmetic reasons is not the only intention when setting a SELF password with rights for the associated external account. Every time this is riddled with events (and remember there are for every other enabled account) you are contributing to a particular potential performance issue with your Exchange server. This is because an attempt related to the information store flows to resolve a disabled account.The client’s name, which is more than it appears somewhere in the ACL, is completely overlaid on another object. In other words, every time someone tries to access the pretty ACL containing the disabled account, performance is degraded while the data store tries to figure out who the disabled person is. ‘user is disabled.

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