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Best Way To Fix Reinstalling Versamail Conduit

ByGeorge Kent

Feb 10, 2022

This article will help you if you find yourself reinstalling the VersaMail channel.

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  • HotSync issue and comma; No link or calendar sync on Treo 755 p. Help!

    I tried to hot sync my Treo, but I can sync everything except contacts and date to my XP laptop with no problem. How to sync contacts/calendar?

    The obstacle is even harder. In fact, I only managed to sync once, when I received my last Treo in September 2007.

    However, photos of online tasks and notes are successfully synced.

    Now the good screen is cracked. I have a great new TReo but Service of Sprint can’t get more data because they said the current one is hacked. I was told they just sync the middle old Treo and then sync the new Treo to get the data. Because my old Treo can’t sync contacts/calendar from last year, I’m afraid all my entries are LOST! Please help!

    Thanks to the audience for the responses. I appreciate it very much. Because no one said: I decided 2 business days ago that you can fix it yourself. I AM,finally figured it out after searching online for 4 business hours past midnight and going back and forth between the old hacked Treo to get and upload data on the new Treo. I also mentioned Sprint tech support here at 3:00. I didn’t know it was easy to call Sprint about this! The lady from Sprint said the same about this. I thought about it.

    Together I found that you can extract the EAS account in your Palm Desktop on your laptop under the Custom Hotsync menu and then change our VersaMail string. Once you click on the change in VersaMail, you will be given the option to delete the web page. (I found on the Internet more complicated ways to delete regional corporate accounts using Treo, which did not work for me).

    After removing EAS from your desktop, make sure the VersaMail feed is set to allow file syncing to get this information easier than Treo.

    However, I also had the opportunity to play with the track lines as they are automatically fetched “doing nothing” until the EAS narration is cleared in Treo. It tookseveral tries, but it worked. Disadvantage

    reinstall versamail conduit

    That is, this situation repeats all the hundreds of contacts that I had at the moment on the Palm Desktop on the computer. So I had to manually delete the games and then re-sync them. That’s why it still took several hours. Just walk past and continue.

    Thanks for your reply!

    The message refers to: Treo 755 dom (Sprint)

  • Use Versamail

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  • Dear Sir or Madam

    reinstall versamail conduit

    I have a Macbook and a Palm Tungsten E2. I have universal mail loaded on my Palm, but I would like to know the easiest way to use it. Tried using HotSync and Bluetooth, but to no avail. can anyone tell me how to donate it?

    Thank you


    Hi veedeekaay, and welcome to the Palm forums.

    Unable to email an existing MacBook to Tungsten E2 HotSync. The VersaMail HotSync channel is literally designed for Windows Palm Desktop 4.x 4.4.2 only. And now that Palm Desktop 6.2 for Windows is out, it’s not just Windows users who can sync E2 with a mail server or Outlook.

    Alan G.


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