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  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the restoration process
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    Click Start -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes.Then right-click on the icon of the ink you want to refill and select “Share”.Select the “Share this printer” method and enter the name of the share in the text box.


    Printer Sharing

    Add Any Printer

    How can I share my printer in Windows XP to Windows 10?

    Step 1: First, make sure all printers on your XP computer are shared.Step 2: Make sure the printer share is visible outside the network search area through Windows 7/8/10.Step 3: Click Start, then Printer Related Devices.Step 4: Then select “Add”‘Local Printer’.

    What is file sharing in Windows XP?

    File and printer sharing is often the ability of a Windows XP computer to share a directory or attached printer with other laptops or computers on the network. File sharing allows you to make files and folders in a shared folder available for viewing, copying, or editing by other users on the network.

    Many printers tend to connect directly to the service, so any computer with this program can print from them. Those who don’t have this feature can still have fun online with a good reliable networked computer. In Windows XP, setting up printer sharing involves marking the manufacturer it’s connected to as shared, then searching the network for printer ink to install it on a remote computer.

    Open the Start menu on the exact computer to which the printer is connected, and open Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, then Printers and Faxes.

    Right-click the printer icon and select Share. If you have multiple printers installed on your computer, please select the correct model.

    Click on the specific “Share” tab and select “Share As” media file. Enter any name so that the printer can identify it to other network users.


    Push Driver” when computers on the network useare using a different work system than the connected computer returning to the printer. Follow the instructions on the market to select additional drivers to connect. If you do not have enough drivers, for example, to run another system, users printing outside of this system should create it on their site.

    How do I enable file and printer Sharing in Windows XP?

    From the Start menu, select Settings → Control Panel.Double-click the network connection type icon.Right-click “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”.Make sure File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is turned on.click OK.

    On many other computers on the network, open the Start menu and simply Control Panel, then Printers and Other Hardware, then Printers and Faxes.

    Under Printer Tasks, click Add Printer, then click Next to start the Add Printer Wizard.

    In addition to “Next click”, select “A network printer or a specific printer connected to another computer”.

    Click “Connect to this Skill Printer” and enter the location of the printer in the data format “ComputerPrinter”, where “Computer” is the cellular network name of the computer connected to the printer and “Printer” is the new name which is assigned to the printer when outputting.You can also browse a specific network to find a print service.

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click on "Restore PC"
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the restoration process

  • Press and wait Click “Next” when the installation is completed. When you’re done, close the nearest window and print the questionnaire from the shared printer to make sure it works.

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    Follow the step-by-step guide to share a laser printer in Windows XP. It’s pretty classic

    1) Challenge! Go to “Start” and also click “Control Panel”. The Control Panel window appears, then double-click Fax Printers.

    How do I share a printer on another computer?

    Select and manage the printer you want to share (or right-click), select Printer Properties, then the Sharing tab. On the Sharing tab, select Share this printing deviceyust. Change the name of the printer options, if necessary. This name is used to connect to the entire printer from an optional PC.

    2) Printer Fax and Open will be displayed. Right click on the tattoo you want to share and undo it…

    Note. Make sure you have enabled File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks in the properties of your network adapter. Select

    3) Sharing tab and check “Share this device” to share the printer. Sometimes you can enter a new name in the Share Name text box, which will change the name of your printer on the network, It will not change the name of the printer on your computer. Click Apply.

    how to share printer in windows xp

    How do I share a printer between Windows 7 and XP?

    On the General Properties screen, click the Sharing tab and check the box if you need to share the printer and enter its share name. If your XP machine is running an x86 operating system, families can install additional drivers before booting the XP machine. To double-check shared folders and devices, click the Windows 7 cleanup icon under Network.

    Note. If the users you add use a different version of Windows to access the printer, they may need to install the printer driver themselves. You can help by installing additional printer drivers in Windows XP so that when other users access a shared printer with another copy of Windows, the printer driver is likely to be installed. Next, click Driver, mark the desired additional driver and install it. After clicking OK, you will be prompted to install these additional drivers.

    4) Once you’ve shared a printer, you’ll see that it’s good to have a hand holding your own printer.

    You can share printers as well as files. Check out this kind of output…

    how to share printer in windows xp

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    How to share the printer name with other network users?

    Determine if you want to share the printer with other network users. When you do, click the share name button and add the ink name. Then click. To make a conclusion. Then click.