• Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

If you have a 404 error page theme loaded on your PC, we hope this blog post can help you resolve the issue.

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    The HTTP response status code 404 Not Found indicates that the server cannot find the specified resource. Links leading to a 404 page are often referred to as broken or dead links and can usually be affected by link rot. The 404 status code only indicates that the actual resource is missing: none, or the absence is temporary or permanent.

    Our template collection is here to help you find creative, influential, and modern free 404 error URLs.

    404 error page design download

    Many premium online store templates include a separate 404 error web template with an article. If this is not your case, you can easily use these alternatives.

    How do I create a 404 error page?

    Step 1: page design. Early in the design phase, you need to decide how fancy and creative you want your custom 404 page to be.Step a: Set up the server.Step 3: Check your configuration.Step 4: Track 404 sessions in Google Analytics.

    Now, before we dive into the list of error page templates, let our family see what makes the perfect Exec 404 page.

    How do I redirect a 404 error in HTML?

    Open the .htaccess file. You can find the .htaccess file at the root of your search engine’s search results (eg /var/www/html/).Redirect a 404 to create your homepage with a . htaccess.Restart the Apache server. Restart Apache Server directly to apply the changes $ sudo support apache2 restart.

    You must decide what all users should do when they encounter an error page. You can also suggest an exam date for them.

    You may have seen that many news websites come close to this, and from time to time some news magazines with website templates give you this option by default. Or you will often directly provide a search box or alternatively a button to take the website visitor back to their previous page i.e. your home page.

    These traitss faces and more are a great way to keep your most popular visitors. When a user lands on an error page, you definitely don’t want them to leave the website completely.

    You can also get creative with your 404 pages. Some contain animations, others are interactive text messages, videos, and more.

    Don’t waste your time and spice up the 404 page with any of the web designs below.

    Best Free 404 Page Templates

    How do I create a 404 error HTML page in CSS?

    Step 1: Create an HTML landing page. Let’s start by simply creating a basic HTML page. This is usually the basis for creating more interesting and informative 404’s!Just one step: tell the server to use your HTML 404! error page.Step 10: Save. htaccess in this root directory.

    Colorlib Customizer 404 (WordPress Plugin)

    This is the only WordPress Alexa tool that creates a list. Overall it is very easy to use, has a very good design and templates to choose from.

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    Color Library 404 V1

    404 error page design download

    When a key user enters the wrong URL or tries to find something that doesn’t match your site, a reliable 404 page is paramount. Also, you may have many things that are no longer online on your site, reorder purchases with a 404 page. To save you Instead of having to build it yourself, we provide an extensive collection of 100% free 404 page templates so you can get started as soon as possible. Download this neat whiteboard with text and a call to action option that directs the user to the home page. Whether you often still organize your page or are already living against each other but missing a broken landing page, now you can add one as soon as possible.

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    Color Library 404 V2

    The error page could very well be a text page, or you can now use it with some great additional features. One such feature could be a search feature that allows them to find exactly the page they are looking for. Because if you landed on a faulty website, the page is missing and it could be because most of the time you entered the wrong keyword to search for a lawyer. Now they can try again when it comes to this cool free 404 error website template, no turning back. It will also help you fully justify your bounce rate! It’s a ride, it’s free.

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    Color Library 404 V3

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the software and click on "Restore PC"
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the restoration process

  • A simple and equally bright error page is angled for your immediate consideration. Is it a sleek design that lets your followers know they’ve landed on the wrong page? On the other hand, we always start with this amazing collection of bug sheet layouts. With versatility and adaptability, you’re sure to find one that the experts say will work best for your project.

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    Color Library Version 4

    404 error pages can be boring, and sometimes they can be cool and eye-catching. Hey, you have to impress your site visitors over and over again. Even if you get a 404 error page, you can customize it to match the style of your page and also keep the branding intact. The key to this is that the call to action button points to youran ex page, and there’s a chance they’ll take action. Whatever part or segment is associated with your website, make sure it is enhanced and personalized down to the smallest detail. They will notice your sincerity and will not be distracted at all, even if OOPS! The page appears in the first one.

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    Color Library 404 V5

    If you want to give your users more than just a hint that they are hiding in an error page, you can get this free 404 error page template. Not only does it have a search function built into the entire web design, but also the back button. They complete the search bar, click one or another “Back” button, and are redirected to the title. Now you can add the exact layout to your site, but you can easily change it if it’s very important. After all, you want it to follow your rules so it doesn’t feel like they’re on a completely different platform.

    Speed up your computer now by downloading the software that will fix your PC problems.